Leaked Memo: Hillary Wants Clinton Foundation To Keep Accepting Foreign Donations

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Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has given her word that the Clinton Foundation will cease accepting foreign donations if she is elected president. But a leaked memo reveals that Hillary’s personal preference is for the foundation to continue accepting money from foreign governments.

Despite the Department of Justice’s best efforts to suppress investigations into the Clinton Foundation, five FBI field offices are currently investigating the nonprofit concerning pay-to-play and corruption allegations. (RELATED: Hillary’s Two Official Favors To Morocco Resulted In $28 Million For Clinton Foundation)

Hillary indicated to staffers that her personal preference is for the foundation to continue accepting money from foreign governments, even if she gets elected president, according to a leaked memo.

Additionally, the Clintons were hesitant to put limits on the foundation’s financial operations, for fear of missing out on “unexpected opportunities,” the memo reveals.

The memo, dated April 7, 2015, lays out several proposed changes to the foundation. Regarding donations from foreign governments, the memo states that “There are multiple options for consideration.”

“Secretary Clinton’s preference is for the Foundation to continue to accept foreign government contributions, but to significantly increase disclosure,” the memo states. “She does not want to limit the Foundation’s ability to operate programs now or in the future.”

“We could go further and say the programs are already funded (listing out current funders) and we are not expecting additional funds, but we don’t want to close the door to unexpected opportunities.”

A “compromise” option, according to the memo, “would be to say that the Foundation will not accept contributions from foreign governments unless that funding is part of an ongoing program or a disbursement for a completed negotiation.”

The memo notes that, under the compromise, the foundation would continue accepting money from Qatar. This is despite Clinton’s own admission that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are financially supporting ISIS.

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The “final option,” the memo states, “would mirror the 2008 [Memorandum of Understanding] agreement whereby the Foundation submits new foreign government contributions and those of a substantial size increase to an independent body (e.g. White House, State Department) for review. The obvious challenge with this is that there is no independent body to make that review.”

Clinton did not uphold her end of the 2008 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Even PolitiFact (which has liberal tendancies) ruled the claim that Hillary abided by the 2008 MOU “mostly false.” (RELATED: Here’s A (Dirty) Laundry List Of The Clinton Foundation’s Most Questionable Foreign Donations)

The leaked memo appears to have been crafted by Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, who sent it in an email to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta that was later published by WikiLeaks.

“I connected with HRC this am regarding the steps she will take with regard to the Foundation should she announce a decision to explore a run for the Presidency,” Mills wrote in an April 6, 2015 email. Clinton announced her candidacy six days later.

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