Individual Liberty Is An Early Christmas Gift In Itself

REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

Michael McGrady Director of McGrady Policy Research
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A Florida Judge revitalized the Christmas joy of a one family in Plantation, Florida and it just barely November.

As I reported to you in one of my past columns for The Daily Caller, the Hyatts, a family that puts on an extreme Christmas for their neighbors every year, were faced with a lawsuit from the city government of Plantation seeking to prevent the Hyatts from putting on their joyous holiday occasion, citing public safety concerns.

Legal arguments aside, the city was seeking to suppress the individual rights of the family and it was clearly evident in the court proceedings. The city’s attorneys attempted, year after year, to restrict access to the Hyatt’s property by arbitrary use of no parking signs in a neighborhood area, the use of police officers that nearly crosses the borderline of state sanction invasion of privacy. Though, just a few examples of the lengths the city went too, the most evident example of the city’s intimidation had on the Hyatts was when Kathy Hyatt, a mother and wife, took to the stand and cried, profusely. She pleaded with the court arguing what’s happening violates the spirit of Christmas that herself and her family inspires to thousands who come to see their display.

After several days in court and several weeks to hear final opinions from the presiding judge, the courts ruled in favor of the Hyatt family.

“It’s not only a victory for our family, it’s a victory for all the residents in Plantation,” said Mark Hyatt, Kathy’s husband, about the trial to local news sources. “She vindicated our ability to bring the Christmas spirit to many of the residents in South Florida.”

Mark also highlighted the thousands of dollars the taxpayers of plantation, including their very own surely, were used against them during the court proceedings and the years of harassment prior. He projects that the city, alone, spent hundreds of thousands and is an instrumental component to why wanted to run for public office, in addition. In a race for the local city council, Mark Hyatt has championed fiscal responsibility as one of his key platforms and wishes to bolster a legacy of such things in the city government,

“It’s the fiscal responsibility that’s connected to this,” Hyatt also opined, “the fact that the city council and the attorneys of this city and the mayor and the administration made up their mind to take a personal vendetta against my family, and ultimately against the residents and spend almost a half million dollars in taxpayer money for nothing.”

Regardless of the personal vindication of the family, the court case should serve as a testament to how powerful government has gotten at all levels. The “you didn’t build that” mentality that rules the rank and file of the American left is scathed with the embellishment of government, even in the end, it fails.

2016, alone, has become a stage for mass hysteria from individuals who are dependent on government, more than ever. Even something that is as trivial as the Hyatts case, no governmental entity should not retain any ability to do what they did to Hyatts as onto a constituency.

A government’s role, is to protect our natural human rights from those who wish harm them, including from the government. The greatest fear now days is the repercussion of a monolithic government structure that has done more harm than good.