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Now There’s A Rap Video About Bill Clinton’s Alleged African-American Son

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I keep hearing about Danney Williams, an African-American gentleman from Little Rock who claims he’s Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son. I’m skeptical, but curious. On one hand, it’s not like Bill is in the habit of keeping his DNA to himself. And it’s not like the Clinton Machine would admit it if it’s true. And I guess Williams looks a little bit like Bill? If you squint? Yeah, okay, given what we know about the Clintons, it’s not the craziest accusation in the world.

On the other hand: Alex Jones.

But no matter what you think about Mr. Williams and the legitimacy of his illegitimacy, it is undeniable that he has inspired a true work of art. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Freenauts and their new hit single, “Justice for Danney Williams.”

You can download this banger at freenauts.com. Your 2016 time capsule is incomplete without it.

Now Mr. Williams is asking for access to Monica Lewinsky’s semen-stained blue dress so he can do a DNA test. Such is the nature of the 2016 election that this request does not strike me as outrageous.

Black Lives Matter. We all know that. So, doesn’t Danney Williams’ life matter?

Do the right thing, Bill and Hillary. Settle this once and for all. I hate it when Chuck and Roger fight.

(Hat tip: Lachlan Markay)

P.S. omg white people smdh