Obama Loses Control Of His Own Rally [VIDEO]

Screenshot/Youtube NTK NetWork

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President Barack Obama lost control of his own audience at a Fayetteville, North Carolina rally for Hillary Clinton after being interrupted by a Trump supporter.

After the crowd started booing and haranguing the protester, Obama struggled to regain control of the rally, pleading with the crowd to “sit down and be quiet for a second” and “listen to what I’m saying!”


The chaos came as Obama criticized Trump for his rhetoric, when an elderly man with a Trump sign stood up in the crowd in an attempt to interrupt the president’s speech.

The crowd started booing the man and later began chanting Hillary Clinton’s name.

Obama quickly grew frustrated with the crowd’s refusal to obey his commands, at one point pleading with the racially diverse audience on behalf of the protester, saying, “he not doin’ nothing!”

Obama eventually regained control of the crowd, at which point he scolded the crowd for not respecting “our elders” and noted that the man appeared to be a military veteran.

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