Podesta Pal: Hillary ‘Insincere Politician Going To Church When Her Poll Numbers are Down’

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Liberal writer Brent Budowsky, columnist for The Hill newspaper and vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, slammed the candidate in a private email to campaign chairman John Podesta for looking like “an insincere politician going to church when her poll numbers are down” to distract from her email controversy.

Budowsky wrote, “when the Clintons suddenly emerge with a televised photo op at church when her poll numbers are down, and this is broadcast on television news alongside the latest that the Clinton emails may not have been wiped, it does not make television viewers regard HRC as a woman of faith at church, it makes her look like an insincere politician going to church when her poll numbers are down.”

Hillary attended the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington on September 13, 2015, the day the email was sent.

Saying the campaign does not understand the “gravity” of Clinton’s email problems, Budowsky continued, “There is a complete misunderstanding by the campaign of the nature and gravity of her problems, and these things make her problem worse, at a time when she is in a very dangerous and precarious position of high and growing distrust.”

Budowsky expressed frustration at how the campaign appears tone-deaf to the problems of public trust they were facing.

“This is a very hard, and possibly impossible, campaign to help,” Budowsky wrote. “The solutions are clear but the campaign has eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear, to use a phrase the Clintons hopefully heard in church today.”

The email was released in batch 29 of the Wikileaks emails, which were hacked from the personal account of Podesta.