Kill Yourself: DC Stricken With Murder Rates, Busies Itself Legalizing Suicide, Building Abortion Clinics

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While the black community in Washington, D.C., suffers from rising homicide rates, city officials concern themselves with legalizing suicide and building abortion clinics near elementary schools.

D.C.’s murder rates have been steadily on the rise. 2015 experienced a 54 percent increase in homicides, jumping from 105 murders committed in 2014 to 162 in 2015.

City violence hit 116 homicides so far in 2016.

Black males and females suffered overwhelmingly from these murder rates. In 2014, 78 percent of homicide victims were black men, while in 2015, black males made up 85 percent of total homicide victims.

The city seems to be more concerned about providing abortions and legalizing suicide than solving the rising crime rates that disproportionately affect the black community.

City officials have been unable to reach an agreement on how to best solve the city’s homicide problem. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser refused to provide funding for a program that would pay some of D.C.’s most violent criminals to not commit crimes in May. (RELATED: Democratic Infighting Kills Plan To Pay D.C. Criminals Not To Commit Crimes)

The bill, unanimously approved by the D.C. council, proposed to pay 200 of D.C.’s worst offenders $1,000 per month on the condition that they no longer break the law. Bowser did not agree with the proposal, arguing that they city needs a stronger police response and to focus on job training.

“This is the mayor’s budget, and what we’ve done is try to improve it where we can, but it’s her budget,” Kenyan McDuffie, who proposed the reform, told The Washington Post. “It’s her ideas and her strategies for preventing crime, and it’s time to see how they work. She clearly sees things differently than the 13 members of the council.”

With homicides still an issue in the city, officials turned their attention to legalizing suicide. The D.C. council passed an initial vote to make assisted suicide legal last Tuesday in a 11-2 vote, despite outcry from the black community.

The “right to die” bill allows physicians to prescribe lethal medication to terminally ill patients with less than six months to live. Those younger than 18 cannot ask for the medication, according to the legislation.

Members of the black community expressed their displeasure with the legislation, saying that the legislation is nothing more than “eugenics being dressed up to look like it’s the best thing since gravy.”

“They have been ‘soft killing’ us for couple of decades now by not providing certain people in the community with what we need to live wholesome lives. They are doing everything to send blacks away,” Leona Redmond, a resident, declared to The Washington Post.

Redmond rallied numerous black senior citizens to protest the bill; Redmond vowed that she would fight the legislation all the way to Congress, as they have the power to strike down local bills.

Recently, Planned Parenthood opened up an abortion clinic next to Two Rivers Public Charter School. The school, located in northeast D.C., hosts both an elementary and middle school.

School administrators will allegedly be partnering up with the abortion clinic to create a sex-education curriculum for the young students, despite protest from the parents.

“Does anyone really believe placing a Planned Parenthood facility literally between two schools is a wise decision for the safety of our children? Protests at abortion facilities are very heated, personal, and can turn physically violent,” Jonathan Owen, a parent from the school, told Life News.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a pastor at Church on the Hill DC, maintained that the abortion clinic could have a negative impact on the children.(RELATED: Protesters Gather To Pray As Planned Parenthood Hosts Gala To Celebrate New ‘Mega Center’ Next To School)

“The fact that its next to a charter school is beyond belief. It shows an utter lack of respect for the feelings of this community and neighborhood,” he told The Daily Caller News Foundation previously. “There is no regard for how this will impact the children. It’s shocking, it’s heartbreaking and deplorable that they are having a celebration to open up a place where lives will be taken. It’s just tragic.”

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