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Sally Kohn Out-Sally-Kohns Herself In Election Eve TV Appearance 

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In what may be Sally Kohn‘s most ridiculous TV and Twitter behavior to date, the enthusiastic Hillary Clinton pundit went on CNN early Tuesday morning to admit that she’s popping Xanax to keep herself under control.

During her appearance CNN, she talked about knocking on doors with her children when Donald Trump supporters came and yelled at them.

“There are certainly days when I’m popping Xanax like crazy,” Kohn confided to the entire nation.

She also turned to turned to Twitter for psychiatric and emotional help.

Unfortunately, she probably wasn’t expecting to be called a “cunt.”

That was for a tweet she wrote that said, “FYI ran into @CLewandowski in makeup and offered my condolences in advance.”

In response to being called a c-word, Kohn said, “Twitter is not a locker room. Neither is America.”

Another follower, Charley, was upset that Kohn was “mocking” Xanax. He wrote, “I don’t think it’s appropriate that you just mocked those who suffer from anxiety and take Xanex.” She replied, “I was mocking. I was self-identifying!”

She also announced that she was going on air at 1 a.m.. “Coming up on CNN at 1 a.m. ET. Who’s watching???”

Actor Matthew Modine replied with a thumbs up emoticon, which seemed to calm Sally’s nerves.

“Thank you Matthew Modine, but I’m still scared,” she wrote to him.

Modine tried to soothed her. “Breathe. Don’t worry,” he said.