Today Will Pave The Way For Either Prosperous Markets Or Prosperous Government

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Michael McGrady Director of McGrady Policy Research
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Moving past the election will result in the overall outcome of a new American presidency that will either show the growth of government and/or the free markets will reign, supreme, over anything else.

If Donald Trump wins tonight, the American economy will bolster in instant growth and a boon in pro-market business activity will be evident. Though not the perfect candidate, Trump is the best option to counter Hillary Clinton and her continued push for larger and larger government.

The narrative in the United States reads that the only solution to economic problems rests on the action of the government. Sadly, we cannot accept this defeatist attitude that props a governmental entity over a private entity.

Looking at financial markets, indicators are suggesting that a Clinton win will be more positive than anything; however, this sentiment is now skewing the fact the Hillary Clinton has proved herself to be Wall Street’s poster child in presidential politics. However, we need to consider, also, that the unpredictability of the this election and how it has been translated into financial markets is all but volatile and should push people be wary of assuming one specific outcome.

Markets have experience gains today. In fact, the gains made on Wall Street are records from the past 8 months, mostly because FBI Director James Comey is still not fulfilling his duty in pushing for charges against clearly evident wrongdoings on Clinton’s part.

Regardless, a rally in the market will happen either way. For Trump, if he wins, industries that have long be repressed by the marketplace will experience rallies in commodities like gold. Energy shares will rally, based on his plans for reinvigorating the coal industry and showing a healthy support for fossil fuels, challenging crony capitalistic subsidy vacuums in the clean energy sector. We can even see publicly traded companies in the defense industry experience rallies with biotech and the pharma industries getting a heart beat.

Clinton’s win would rally industries that are heavily subsidized and, in effect, grow government like clean energy and businesses profiting off Obamacare.

Coalescing the example of the markets from just today, Clinton’s win will pave the way for more regulation from agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming that it is for the benefits of the consumer. She will commence with doing the bidding of more outlandish special interests in the private sector that seek to profit off the American taxpayer. She, in effect, will make big business and big government grow while both grasp to each other to survive like leeches.

Competitiveness in the economy has been lost under Obama and must be restored. With regulations like the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank, and others, the taxpayers were fooled into creating taxpayer funded monopolies on industry all for the sake of larger government.

We must move from Clinton-Obama regulatory environments and initiate reform to revive our free markets. Today, vote for the sake of the long term economic future. Only then will we succeed. Trump isn’t an economic love story for many, but his proposed policies out beat Clinton and could be the first of many remedies for our current state in the economy.