Dem Supporters At Clinton HQ Openly Bawl As Trump Upends All Expectations

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Although the 2016 presidential race is not over, that it has turned into a tight match-up between GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been enough to send occupants of the Clinton headquarters into tears.

For many in the Democratic Party, the outrageous rhetoric of Trump filled them with a certain amount of confidence that Clinton would win the presidential election with relative ease. Clinton herself at one point during the election cycle expressed shock she wasn’t up by 50 points.

Those expectations have been dashed on the rocks as Tuesday evening continues, and the votes keep rolling in, resulting in Clinton voters watching the results with abject horror with tears in their eyes.

“The scene here is so different than it was a few hours ago when people were happy and relaxed,” Brianna Keilar, CNN senior political correspondent, said Tuesday evening, describing Clinton HQ. “I have been  looking around the room at people who are stone-faced, some of them have been crying, we have seen people leaving the venue, including some who have been sitting on the risers behind the podium where Hillary Clinton is supposed to speak.”

“There are people who are just in shock,” she added. “I’ve seen mouths open as folks here in the audience are watching the results come in, many of them with their arms crossed  and a hand to their mouth. They are just stunned as they watch what is going on here.”

At the time of publishing, Trump has 244 electoral votes to Clinton’s 209, with 270 in total needed to secure the White House.

Trump headquarters, on the other hand, was full of jubilation..

The Daily Mail reports that Trump supporters at the New York Hilton are hugging each other and shouting, “Lock her up.” 

At the Clinton party in Manhattan, however, senior Clinton aides were completely out of sight, leaving supporters despondent.

At least on NBC News, the virtual consensus among anchors and analysts was that the white rural vote had been completely underestimated in the election.

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