Wendy Davis: Trump Won Because Of An ‘Under-Educated Electorate’ [AUDIO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Former Texas state senator Wendy Davis says Donald Trump won Tuesday’s election thanks to an “under-educated electorate.”

Davis, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for Texas governor in 2014 and was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, also asserted that a “right-wing conspiracy” is underway to ensure that the populace remains uneducated.

“Let’s face it, Republicans were rewarded by an under-educated electorate,” she said during an interview Wednesday with the Texas Standard.

“And I don’t think it’s too cynical to say that the true right-wing conspiracy going on in this country is the under-education of the populace. It has benefitted them and it is not an accidental outcome.”

Those comments could come back to haunt Davis, who has been floated as a possible challenger to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s seat. But the Democrat, who rose to national prominence in 2013 after she filibustered an abortion bill, she says that she currently has no plans to run for that office.

“I am at my heart a fighter,” she claimed.

“There are a host of people in my state and in this country who won’t have a voice. Do they deserve someone who’s going to step up and fight for them? Absolutely. Will that necessarily be me in a political contest? Way too soon to tell.”

Davis also said in the interview that Tuesday’s outcome shows an improved electoral roadmap for Democrats in the Lone Star State.

“For Democrats, the news has certainly improved. Donald Trump only won 52 percent of the state. By comparison, Romney won 58 percent,” she said.

Davis’ own failed gubernatorial bid undercuts her optimism, however. She ended up carrying only 39 percent of the vote in the 2014 contest. Then-Lt. Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, won with 59 percent.


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