Anti-Trump Protest Hits Washington D.C. Days After Election

Alex Pfeiffer | White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON — Protesters upset with Donald Trump’s election marched through the nation’s capital Saturday night, four days after the New York businessman won.

The anti-Trump protesters started the night in front of the White House then marched throughout the city and at one point stopped in front of Trump’s D.C. hotel. At its height, a little after 8 p.m., the protest had about 4,000 members marching down city streets, but by 11 p.m the protesters had dwindled in numbers to down to less than a hundred.

There were a variety of chants throughout the night ranging from the Hillary Clinton campaign line “love trumps hate,” to “my neck, my back, my pussy will grab back.” The latter chant is a play on words of the lyric “my neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack.”

At one point protesters chanted “I can feel climate change is real” while it was 41 degrees outside, a normal early November night in Washington.

Rachel, 32, was holding a “For PEACE sake, no Trump” sign, and told The Daily Caller she was protesting to “appeal [sic] to the electoral college.” Liberals upset with Trump’s election have been pointing to the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with a few hundred thousand more votes than Trump. An online petition currently has over 3 million votes asking the electoral college to disregard the results and elect Hillary.

Rachel told TheDC that the electoral college “needs to do what they need to do.” If they don’t, she said she doesn’t want to lose hope and that she and other protesters will “do what we need to do.” Rachel alluded to that idea that Trump could be impeached.

Anti-Trump protests have been hitting major American cities since the Republican nominee was elected. They have ranged from the rather dull Washington one to a violent riot in Portland.

The Answer Coalition, a liberal activist group which is behind many of the protests, is planning on busing protesters into Washington for Trump’s inauguration.

Correction: Rachel’s sign said “For PEACE sake, no Trump” not “no peace, no Trump.”

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