My One Tweet Caused A Domestic Terror Scare

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Scott Greer Contributor
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“This is domestic terrorism.”

Those were the grave words spoken to my colleague in quarantine as a hazmat team descended upon The Daily Caller’s office Tuesday afternoon.

It all started with a suspicious letter slipped under the door of our downtown DC abode. It was addressed to me, but I was stuck on Washington’s superb Metro system, so enterprising co-workers took the time to inspect it. Upon picking it up, a mysterious substance stirred in the envelope, causing serious concern among the three staffers.

A thorough investigation uncovered it was not delivered by the mailman and had, in fact, been given to the office by an unidentified white male who was able to move through the lobby without signing in. It was also discovered the return address was phony.

Setting off alarm bells, the call was made to police.

When the police came and saw the letter contained an unknown substance, they immediately backed away from the object and called for backup. The Daily Caller soon was swarmed with firemen, armed with high-tech gear to check to see if your humble correspondent had been targeted for an anthrax attack.

The three staffers who had touched the threatening package were essentially quarantined from the rest of the office while the hazmat team tested the object for deadly materials. During the process, they were warned by a fire official overseeing the matter that they considered the event domestic terror.

Meanwhile, I was saved from the quarantine and was able to focus on editing terrific reporting.

Eventually, firefighters opened the envelope to discover it was a… glitter bomb. Sent through the site Ship Your Enemies Glitter (not getting any traffic from us), the point was for me to open and to suffer the embarrassment of glitter flying all over me.

Not quite the terror of real anthrax.

But the point is that something I had done had driven someone to throw down $10 to send a letter to a city which has tendency to see any mail with an unknown substance as a carrier of anthrax.

What was that thing? In all likelihood, it was the Huckleberry Finn of troll tweets I sent one week ago.

“As a white man, I finally now feel safe in America.”

Tweeted to mock all the ridiculous reactions to Donald Trump’s electoral victory that burnished identity politics to whine about an undesired result, the one sentence message certainly left a mark, as covered by my colleague Christian Datoc. (RELATED: Daily Caller Editor Causes Liberals’ Heads To Explode With A Single Tweet)

Most of the responses, given it was a troll, were overwhelmingly negative. There were hundreds of threats of violence, but they were mostly made by stupid teenagers. Particularly white female teenagers, who styled themselves hardened gangbangers who could “shoot my ass.”

Other threats demanded I give up my location or home address so the interested parties could come “beat my mayo ass” (mayo being a derogatory term for whites). Because, as we all know, a person should always be generous enough to give hostile strangers on the internet his location to help them commit acts of violence against him. It’s just the right thing to do.

The hate for my tweet — which is still continuing a week later — brought me little concern and a whole lot of amusement. It’s not every day thousands of people prove your point for you by threatening you for jokingly noting you feel safe as a white man.

One thing that all the threats — glittery or not — showed is how much Trump’s win has so distressed his opponents that they will immediately lash out at anything they perceive as pro-Trump. The numerous attacks on Trump supporters following the election reflect that development as well.

Leftists seem more justified than ever to threaten their political opponents and demand spaces free of viewpoints they disagree.

I can only imagine how they are going to react to my forthcoming book, “No Campus for White Men“…