‘Hamilton’ Tickets Not As Unattainable As Many Think

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Did the political stunt the cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton” pulled against Vice President-elect Mike Pence affect ticket resales of the popular “sold out” Broadway show?

Following the display of the cast of the case of Hamilton singling out Pence for a lecture from one of the show’s actors over the incoming administration’s politics during the curtain call, detractors of Donald Trump gloated that the incident would not hurt the show’s bottom line, because it is sold ou for at least two years.

Many claimed tickets are nearly impossible to attain unless one is wealthy enough to shell out $1,200 dollars to pay a brokerage house for the seats.

However, the online resale ticketing site stubhub.com shows at least 383 upcoming Hamilton show tickets ranging between $325 to $1100 per seat.

Ticketmaster has tickets available for upcoming shows this week and throughout the year for as low as $139.

Last June, Kiplinger reported how expensive and impossible tickets were on resale sites like StubHub and SeatGeek.com. Prices on StubHub, Kiplinger reported, were between $1,098 and $4,500. At SeatGeek during that period, ticket prices ranged from $1,532 to $5,808.

Presently, the lowest ticket price for an upcoming New York City Hamilton show at SeatGeek.com has come down considerably to $621 and go as high as $5136 for an orchestra seat.

Another resale site, vividseats.com, show NYC Hamilton seats going for as low as $335.

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