Mother Of Cuban Graffiti Artist Says Son ‘Kidnapped’ By Cuban Authorities

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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In the wake of the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, the mother of Cuban Graffiti artist Danilo Maldonado claimed her son was “abducted” by the country’s authorities Saturday afternoon and taken to an “unknown place.”

“They asked for the key from the landlord, and they got inside and they took him out. We do not know where”, she said to Diario De Cuba Machado González.

“They have not let us establish communication or enter the apartment. They have the police watching the place,” he added.

The mother of Maldonado is concerned that authorities will “plant” in the building “incriminating evidence” to prosecute “El Sixto.” According to Maldonado, there were “30 more drawings” of the artist in the apartment.

“He left last night (Friday) to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro, to put posters around Havana,” she said, adding that her artist son already placed his signature on the images with the phrase “He left.” According to Diario De Cuba, the images are already circulating around the island.

Cubans in Miami, while exuberant over the death of the Castro, are now focused on Castro’s younger brother Raul, who Fidel handed his leadership post over to in 2008. (RELATED: Cuban-Americans Dancing In The Streets Of Little Havana Celebrating Castro’s Death)

“Fidel, tirano, llévate a tu hermano,” and “Raúl, tirano, vete con tu hermano,”  (Raul, tyrant, go with your brother) Cubans in Little Havana chanted late Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

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