Tall Tale Anchor Brian Williams: ‘Fake News Played A Role In This Election’ [VIDEO]

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who lost his job after reports surfaced that he fabricated his stories, said “fake news played a role” in the election of Donald Trump Wednesday.

On his show “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams,” the anchor warned his audience about the dangers of “fake news” and said it helped Trump win the election against Hillary Clinton. (RELATED: For Some Reason, Brian Williams Thinks He Coined The Phrase ‘Runaway Train’ [VIDEO])

“Another former general in the Trump circle is receiving new attention,” Williams explained. “His national security adviser-designate, Mike Flynn. Flynn’s son was fired by the Trump transition today for passing on fake news story via Twitter. But his dad, the retired Army three-star general has passed on some gems himself.”

“Here are a few: ‘Clinton is involved in child sex trafficking and has secretly waged war on the Catholic Church,'” he added. “As well as charges that the president is a ‘jihadi’ who ‘laundered’ money for terrorists.”

“As we talked about here last night, fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience,” Williams continued. “A BuzzFeed news study of Donald Trump‘s own tweets where they followed back news stories to their root source found more of them came from Breitbart originally than any other single source.” (RELATED: Despite The Lie, Brian Williams’ ’11th Hour’ Debuts Sept. 6)

Last year, Williams lost his job hosting NBC’s nightly newscast, was suspended for six months and later reassigned to cover news on MSNBC for his fabrications of stories, specifically ones involving his time in 2003 covering the Iraq war. The anchor’s reports from 2005 while he was covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina were also found to contain fabrications.