Trump Transition Team Members Rub Shoulders With Congress

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Anna Massoglia Policy Researcher
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Though the election cycle has come to a close, fundraisers continue to draw influential figures of the political world. A private dinner on Monday, December 12, brought together big names behind the next presidential administration with renowned GOP strategists and financial minds at a Beverly Hills fundraiser. Key players in politics and business joined renowned philanthropists and other magnates at the exclusive event. Sources close to the hosts of the fundraiser held for Congressman Ed Royce along with special guest Congressman Devin Nunes estimate that it brought in over $360,000.

Both California congressmen are longtime incumbents recently re-elected to their seats in the House of Representatives. Representing the 39th District of California, Congressman Ed Royce is chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee as well as a member of Committee on Financial Services. Congressman Devin Nunes represents California’s 22nd Congressional District and serves as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Congressman Nunes is also a member of the executive committee of President-elect Donald Trump’s Presidential Transition Team.

Congressman Nunes was not the only attendee with close ties to the next administration.

Among those attending were members of Donald Trump’s Transition Finance and Inauguration committees as well as those who played lead parts in their contributions to the President-elect’s presidential campaign. Carla Sands, the chairman of private equity firm Vintage Capital Group LLC who was appointed to Trump’s economic advisory team, attended the dinner as well as a handful of Trump’s Finance Committee member who hold a number of prominent roles in addition to those served in President-elect Trump’s transition team.

Robert Kohorst is the president and founder of real estate and asset management firm Everest Properties. Edward Czuker is Chairman and CEO of Los Angeles-based real estate development business Legado Companies and sits on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Jeffrey Gunter is a dermatologist who also sits on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Notably, Lloyd Claycomb has served a number of influential roles in Trump’s campaign and transition team as well as in his other endeavors. Mr. Claycomb serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board for United Builders Service as well as on a number of other boards and is a well-respected philanthropist active in many causes. He played a leading role in President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign from early on in the 2016 election cycle, serving as a 2016 State Victory Finance Chair then being appointed to the Transition Finance and Inauguration committee. Sources close to Mr. Claycomb report that he spent time speaking with both Congressman Royce and Congressman Nunes, and also met with Norman Brownstein to discuss various political issues at the private dinner fundraiser on Monday.

The personal home of renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur Lee Sampson where the private dinner was held is also noteworthy on its own right. The 22,000-square-foot Italian-style limestone villa was a collaboration between a team of award-winning Los Angeles–based design veterans: architect Richard Landry, builder John Finton, interior designer Joan Behnke, and landscape designer Christine London. Designed to entertain on many levels, the residence earned the distinction of Robb Report’s Ultimate Home in 2012.