Tucker Carlson Tells 1970s TV Star Rich Liberals Have Rejected Democracy [VIDEO]

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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On Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson challenged 1970s TV star Mike Farrell about his role in a paid television ad that advises members of the electoral college to block President-elect Donald Trump from assuming office.

“Liberals used to believe in democracy and that legitimacy was conferred by the people who live in the country,” Carlson said. “Rich people – including you – no longer believe that.”


Farrell, best known as one of the stars of the TV sitcom MASH, is just one of an assortment of Hollywood celebrities now telling electorates to “change the course of history” and not vote for Trump.

Farrell admitted that he did not know any of the electors or even know who they were.

“If you don’t even know their names, why do you think they’re wiser or imbued with a keener moral to make this decision that will affect all of us?” Carlson asked.

“What about the 62 million voters who voted for Donald Trump?” Carlson inquired again.

“I think they’d be unhappy,” replied Farrell, “but that’s not the point.”

The actor insisted that “there are concerns about having the advisability of a President Trump and those concerns grow by the day as we see the appointments he’s making…” though he did not specify which appointments he was concerned with.

Farrell suggested electors cast their votes for Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich, as GOP elector Chris Suprun – dubbed the “faithless” elector by many – has suggested he will do.

“Nobody voted for Gov. Kasich,” noted Carlson. “Would you want a president that nobody voted for?”

“It seems to me the EC has the opportunity…as a court of last resort…to say this may not be the right choice. I would prefer to have a president that the House of Representatives voted for or the electoral college voted for that was an experienced person with integrity,” said Farrell.

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