Ohio Bans Doing It With Animals

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The state of Ohio has finally gotten around to banning people from having sex with animals.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a bill banning bestiality on Monday, reports Dayton CBS affiliate WHIO-TV.

The new law forbids human beings in Ohio from engaging in sexual conduct with animals. Ohio residents also will no longer be allowed to sell animals for sexual purposes.

The law allows state officials to seize animals which end up on the business end of sex with a human. The law also allows criminal courts to force people who have sex with animals to submit to psychological evaluations and counseling. (RELATED: Cops Say They Have Photos Of Maryland Teacher Doing It With Family Dog)

Ohio’s new law against bestiality is slated to take effect 90 days from Monday.

The number of jurisdictions which allow people to get busy with animals continues to dwindle.

“I think this is something that is sickening and perverse and we don’t want Ohio to be the place you can come and have sex with an animal,” Jim Hughes, a Republican state senator, said, according to WHIO-TV.

Bestiality enthusiasts can still legally have their way with lesser species in 10 states including New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Texas and West Virginia.

Having sex with animals remains legal in Washington, D.C. as well. Of course.

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