Obama Blames Russia, But Clintons Leave Their DNS For Anyone To Find

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

John Ransom Freelance Writer
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Obama has been doing some self-aggrandizing legacy polishing as he wraps up his presidency. Remember the man who won the Noble Prize for ushering in a new era of racial harmony and word peace?

That guy is trying to emphasize how wrong the Noble committee was when they gave him the award. And since he’s the white world’s favorite black mascot, he knows that he’ll never be called on it.

Hell, the committee that refused for a long time to give Albert Einstein a prize because his theories on physics were “too Jewish”, will probably give Obama another Noble Prize.

That aside, Obama is leaving us closer to a state of war — and weaker than ever before — over his assertion Russia influenced American elections. He says that Russia hacked Hillary’s computers.

Memo: Every country with an internet connection hacked Hillary’s email. Her server security was easier to pull down than Bill Clinton’s fly.

Who was responsible for Hillary being hacked: Russia, China, Kenya, Monica Lewinsky — or Hillary Clinton?

If you leave your DNS (domain name server) — or your DNA — where someone can find it, don’t act surprised when they do find it. That’s the moral responsible people should take from both the hacking and Hillary’s defeat.

Never mind John McCain (semi-Republican, Arizona) criticisms of Russia. McCain’s not been responsible for much in his life of privilege. He was born the son and the grandson of US Navy admirals, a legacy to Annapolis who finished last, crashed planes, got captured.

Not all of it was his fault. But McCain is a guy who never met a war he didn’t like. He makes Trump look prudent, and now in his eighties, he’s becoming a national joke, out of touch and out of time. It’s the fault of Hillary Clinton, not Russia, that Hillary Clinton lost, despite McCain’s assertions.

Two of the all-time choke jobs in American politics happened under the Clintons with losses to underdogs Obama and Trump. Make that three if you count what happened under Bill with Monica Lewinsky.

The American people didn’t reject Hillary because a foreign power intervened. They rejected her because common sense intervened.

Or you can make that four choke jobs if you count that time Al Gore lost the Clinton legacy election to George W. Bush.

Eight years of Clinton scandals and peccadilloes left America staggering under the weight of the “good times” Hill and Bill left behind.

I always ask my Democrat friends why, if things were so great under Hillary and Bill, Gore lost that election. They always say that the Republicans stole it.

But if things were that great, it shouldn’t have been close. Just like this year.

People were looking for reasons not to vote for Hillary. And one thing Hillary never mastered was not giving people reasons to dislike her.

I’m glad Obama and McCain are keeping the “Russia” story alive, because we now know Obama does have a “red line” you can’t cross.

You can build nuclear weapons, and he doesn’t care. You can capture American servicemen, and he will pay you money. You can threaten and invade your neighbors and he will look the other way. You can commit piracy on the high seas against the US military and he will shrug.

But if you mess with the Democrats’ get out the vote operation you have gone way too far. That’s not why I’m happy, however. I’m happy because America has a “red line” too. And I hope Obama, the Clintons and McCain keep polishing that legacy they have created in the last 25 years.

Every day the “red line” is getting brighter and brighter for Americans. The politicians, Americans now know, are on the wrong side of it. That’s the true legacy of this election.