Introducing The Daily Caller Wine Club

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Our readers at the Daily Caller come from all walks of life. They come from all over the country. But while they may differ in backgrounds, they all share a desire to read truthful and fact-based journalism. As it turns out, many of our readers like to drink wine as well.

Knowing these two attributes, we thought long and hard about how to offer both in a streamlined fashion. Thus, the Daily Caller Wine Club was born. You are cordially invited to join this club, which provides its members with world-class wines handpicked by those with years and years of experience. And not only will you be connected with your fellow readers based on your taste for Daily Caller wines, but you will also be helping to fund an alternative to the liberal giants that dominate today’s media landscape.

The Daily Caller Wine Club will ship you four wines per month, and you can specifically ask to tailor the selections to fit your preferences. Each wine comes with a unique tasting note that explains – among other things – where the wine’s from, how it’s made, and what food you should pair it with. Oftentimes, I find myself wanting an expert opinion on the wine I bring home from the liquor store. Now, I have it. And now the liquor store comes to me.

At $30 for four wines, this is quite the deal. And the fact that the money goes to fighting the left-wing press makes the wine even sweeter. (No pun intended). Support the Daily Caller. Drink good wine. It’s a win-win.

I’ll leave you with our mission statement:

Our goal is to introduce you to wines you may have never tried, supply your favorite wines at great prices, weed through the thousands of wines out there to narrow down to the very best of the best, and to provide you with these wines at the best prices.

We hope you can join us!

Join the Daily Caller Wine Club today!