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Protecting Israel From The United Nations

Susan Smith Columnist
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On December 20th, it was announced that an Egypt-introduced resolution at the United Nations, in its Security Council, condemning the nation of Israel for certain building on the West Bank of its own nation, would not be vetoed by the United States; that the US, under the aegis of President Obama, the US would abstain.

Since its inception, this international body has championed the haters of Israel, and has done everything it could to weaken and/or destroy the only Jewish state that exists in the world, always against the wishes and work of Israel’s strongest champion, the United States of America; that is, until last December, under the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.   President-Elect Trump, who has long been a loyal supporter of Israel, expressed his outrage at Obama’s actions in the UN, and conveyed this not only publically but also privately to the Egyptian leadership, and the resolution was quickly withdrawn.  Not to be deterred from its determination to do harm to Israel, though, Obama, Kerry, Power, et al, then contacted fellow Israel haters like leaders of Malaysia, Senegal, Venezuela and New Zealand (?) (somebody owed somebody a favor, obviously), and another such resolution was formed, submitted to the Security Council, and was passed, unanimously, but for the abstention of the United States of America.

This resolution would not have passed if the United States had done what it had always done before in votes like this, which was to have vetoed such a measure.

What this shameful act on the part of Obama’s American government actually does is to disallow Israelis to continue to live in, and to claim as their ancestral home, as they have for over 3,000 years, “the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem with its synagogues, yeshivot, Jewish population and businesses, the Jewish Temple Mount and the Western Wall and all its antiquities, and the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, the Hadassah Hospital and other profoundly Jewish/Israeli institutions and heritage, including East Jerusalem.”    As a result of this resolution and the American actions Obama ordered be taken regarding it, all such ancestral, and legal Israeli territory in its own nation, is now acknowledged by the UN as “occupied territory” and Israeli presence there as a ”flagrant violation of international law.”

It is fortunate indeed that the United Nations has made such a joke of itself that this resolution cannot be taken seriously.  What it can do, however, is to cause international harassment for Israel, in terms of possible actions to be taken before international bodies like the International Court, or sanctions by individual nations.  Israel itself plans to ignore the measure to the extent that it can.

And the plans of the President-Elect vis a vis his beloved Israel the measure taken against it?

Aside from making one of his most important appointments, David Friedman, his new Ambassador to Israel, who is a “vigorous supporter of …West Bank settlements and…who has been skeptical of a two-state solution,” President-Elect Trump has already communicated worldwide his total rejection of Obama and Kerry’s actions with regard to Israel, and that “things will be different at the UN” when he takes office January 20th.

Donald J. Trump has already begun to make America great again.