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Morning Mirror: Omarosa Has A Pink Airplane Pillow

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“People look so stupid when they try to dance.”

Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones.

And…a humblebrag: “Mom I sat with @chrislhayes at Josh’s wedding & told him you love his show & he said he likes your movies more than dad’s.” — Dreyfuss. The wedding he’s referring to is that of Business Insider‘s Josh Barro, who married Zachary Allen over the weekend.

(Dreyfuss’s father is Richard Dreyfuss. The mother he’s speaking of is Jeramie Rain.)

By BR.


From the Trump Pool Potty... “At 9:41 a.m., Omarosa arrived from the back entrance, pulling a rollerboard bag with a hot-pink airplane neck pillow hanging from the pulls.” — NYT Maggie Haberman.

CNN’s Brian Stelter really loves this compliment about himself 



SNL comedian who sparred with Milo is

“Have had a couple of friends who encountered very bad experiences. One where here personal info was taken for credit scam. DONT USE MATCH.” — Leslie Jones, comedian, SNL, got into a sniff with Breitbart NewsMilo Yiannopoulos and got him thrown off Twitter.

And the White House chef will be…

“Dear @politico my best guess for White House Chef is @GuyFieri.” — Rob Eno, Conservative Review.

‘”People would want to see this’ is not an argument for publishing. People want to see a lot of bad, destructive, and even fake things.” — Carlos Maza, video producer, Vox. Previously flacked for the DNC over at Media Matters. 

Daily Beast Editor sides with Rep. Lewis 

“It’s awesome @realDonaldTrump just assumed and publicly stated @repjohnlewis’s district is a criminal hellscape simply b/c he’s black.” — Asawin Suebsaeng, social media editor, reporter, The Daily Beast.

CNN media critic ridicules HuffPost 

“Gotta love HuffPo: blaring doom-and-gloom headlines live right next to ‘Justin Bieber Goes Back to Classic Haircut.'” — Brian Lowry, media critic, CNN.

The Observer 

“Ok, just got a Donald Trump ad in my Instagram WTF.” — Jen Doll, Mentalfloss.

Black congresswoman dodges Trump legitimacy question 

“Repeatedly asked whether she thinks @realDonaldTrump is a legitimate president, @RepBarbaraLee avoids direct answer.” — Hallie Jackson, MSNBC.

Axios apparently offers paternal leave 

“Back from leave with my wife and newborn. Looks like nothing has been going on in health care, huh?” — Bob Herman, healthcare business reporter, Axios.

Does Benny Johnson want to be poached from IJR? 

“Being a talent incubator for CNN, WaPo, NewYorker, Hill, Axios etc. is a good thing — We’re proud of our culture & glad to see it spread!” — Benny Johnson, creative director, IJR.

GOP consultant takes a stab at Trump