Biden Warns World Economic Forum: ‘Biggest Threat’ Is ‘Collapse’ Of ‘Liberal, International Order’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Vice President Joe Biden cautioned leaders at the World Economic Forum Wednesday against letting the “liberal, international order… collapse.”

Joe Biden (Getty Images)

Joe Biden (Getty Images)

In his final address as vice president, Biden told attendees in Davos, Switzerland that Russia and President Vladimir Putin are using “every tool available to them to… rollback decades of progress” in both the United States and Europe.



“The biggest threat on this front is the collapse — are external actors who equate their success with fracturing the liberal, international order. We see it in Asia and the Middle East,” he stated. “I’ll not mince words — this movement is principally led by Russia under President Putin.

Joe Biden (Getty Images)

Joe Biden (Getty Images)

“The purpose is clear,” the vice president added. “To collapse the liberal international order.”

“Simply put, Mr. Putin has a different vision of the future.”

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