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HUGE Transition Scoop: The Obamas Have Two Portuguese Water Dogs

Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

It’s entirely possible that President-elect Donald Trump‘s transition team is f–king with everyone.

But in an announcement Thursday morning, they told the world that President Obama‘s family has two Portuguese Water Dogs. One is named Bo, the other, Sunny.

The account is “verified”on Twitter.



The comments below the photograph were particularly nasty.

MadRespek says, “Haha his dogs more American than him lmao #MAGA”

Swamp Cleaner Fred writes, “Like we give two Sh*ts now get out!”

Rap Trap, Sr. remarked, “Obama has two yipping, pooping dogs, bet we paid for them! What a proud pooping legacy. Obama should be proud of this!!”

Deplorable Chris says, “Public housing ends tomorrow!! Take the racist dogs with you.”

And terribly, “Gary” writes, “I wish and hope nothing but heartache and pain to the entire Obama family, same way they caused pain/heartache to the usa.”

Obvious foodie “Miguel” displayed a rather dark sense of humor.

He says, “Chinese food restaurant interested in them for new soup recipe.”

Let’s hope the transition team continues to be so informative.