How Much Global Warming Did Obama’s Regulations Avert? None

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Michael Bastasch Energy Editor

President Obama pushed $457 billion worth of regulations to cut U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to make the fight against global warming a major part of his presidential legacy.

In 2008, then President-elect Obama said his victory marked “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Most of Obama’s major global warming regulations and executive actions came in his second term, including his pledge to the United Nations to cut U.S. emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

Obama’s climate agenda targeted coal-fired power plants, automobiles, oil and gas wells, household appliances and even cow flatulence. The cumulative effect of all his regulations cost $65 to reduce one ton of greenhouse gas emissions. These regulations will cost each American household close to $3700.

So, how much of an effect did these rules have on global warming?


In fact, the Obama administration’s own climate models project their regulations will only avert 0.03 degrees Celsius of warming by 2100.

That’s right, Obama imposed $457 billion worth of climate regulations to avert an immeasurable amount of warming.

Well, okay, that’s not completely right — it’s actually worse.

That figure assumes climate models accurately project CO2-induced warming, but there’s a lot of evidence building up that most climate models have over-predicted warming for the last six decades. If the models are running hot, that actually means Obama-era regulations will avert even less warming than three-hundredths of a degree.

In that case, they could literally have zero projected impact on future warming.

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