White House: There Will Be ‘Further Action’ On Guantanamo Bay [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Sean Spicer told reporters at Monday’s White House Press briefing that President Trump has discussed changing the United States’ use of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.


A reporter first told Trump’s White house press secretary that at “the end of the Obama administration, the number of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay was reduced to about 40,” before asking about Trump’s “plan for that prison.”

Spicer responded by saying there will be “further action.”

Sean Spicer (Getty Images)

Sean Spicer (Getty Images)

“I don’t to want get ahead of the President,” he clarified. “But this is something that’s been discussed, and it is in his current decision-making process how he wants to handle that.”

President Obama originally planned to shut down Guantanamo Bay but could not fulfill his promise before leaving the White House.

A guard walks into the max security 'Gitmo' detention center (Getty Images)

A guard walks into the max security ‘Gitmo’ detention center (Getty Images)

In his final week in office, Obama penned a letter to congressional lawmakers criticizing those who “[obstructed] efforts to close the facility, given the stakes involved for our security.” (RELATED: Obama Writes Letter Slamming Congress For Not Closing Gitmo)

“They have placed politics above the ongoing costs to taxpayers, our relationships with our allies, and the threat posed to U.S. national security by leaving open a facility that governments around the world condemn and which hinders rather than helps our fight against terrorism,” the letter continued.

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