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Newsweek Tramples Trump In Story About What Online Shows To Watch

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The mood between President Donald Trump and the media is: WAR.

But why take a dig at him in a story that has nothing to do with him?

This is precisely what the 45th President’s administration wants — for journalists to take mindless jabs at him so Sean Spicer can stand at the podium in the briefing room in a dark suit that now fits him and reel off examples of why Trump is feeling so “demoralized” by his media coverage. I’m not going to offer you CNN media host Brian Stelter‘s suffocating “50 Questions.” But I do have one for Newsweek.

What the fuck were you thinking?

Just as TIME Mag is not even past its MLK, Jr. Oval Office bust scandal — TIME reporter Zeke Miller reported that the MLK bust in the Oval Office was removed after Trump took office except, well, it didn’t — you do this? TIME‘s Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs issued a memo to readers Tuesday explaining how Trump and his White House are overblowing and distorting the issue after Miller quickly offered a correction and apologized out of his ass to make this go away.

In a Newsweek story published Tuesday by Stav Ziv on the Netflix, Amazon and Hulu shows you better watch before they disappear, there’s a bizarre intro atop the piece.


Let’s take it line by line.

The opening graph states, “If January smacks of post-holiday emptiness — and especially this year, with its newly inaugurated president — then February will run in with some post-emptiness cold and post-inaguration joy or terror (depending on your politics).”

So on one hand, maybe we especially feel emptiness smacking our souls because Trump is POTUS. On the other (in the same ridiculous sentence no less) maybe we feel post-inauguration joy or — gasp! — terror. He (or someone at Newsweek) definitely appears to be taking a weird, pointless swipe at Trump over what movies we need to watch in the next five days — or else.

Moving on.

The following sentence is just as perplexing.

“The work of citizens is by no means done until the next presidential election…”

Huh? So the writer is either saying citizens need to stay politically involved to destroy Trump, or she is just especially enthused about America as she writes a piece about what shows we need to watch before the Hulu Gods zap them in a week. She tries to equalize things by writing “whether you cheered enthusiastically” or “march defiantly” you may need a recharge with these movies.

The Mirror sought comment from the article’s author.

What does any of this have to do with Trump?

Odd that Newsweek would publish this on the very day that TIME tried to shovel Zeke Miller out of the mud.

Let’s hope Spicer doesn’t bring it up in a briefing.

In the meantime, go watch those shows before Newsweek reports that Trump is going to ban them (joking).