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Look Out, Here Comes Nazi-Puncher Patton Oswalt

(Photo: Maury Phillips/Getty Images for VES)

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They told me that if I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, violent goons would roam the streets attacking people and would be cheered on by angry partisans. And they were right!

If you’re wondering who Oswalt considers a Nazi, consider what he said just a couple of months ago (courtesy of The Wrap):

Now the performer is expressing his own deep anxiety over what’s to come as a Trump-era presidency beckons, drawing comparisons to how Nazis treated Jewish luminaries of the arts in the 1930s.

“I am terrified for what may or may not happen Saturday, January 21st,” said Oswalt at the end of a lengthy Sunday morning Facebook post and referring to the day after the presidential inauguration. “Be safe, everyone. Take care, comedians…”

What bothered Oswalt the most, he said, was not that those with opposing views were being vocal — it’s that he thinks their “bog-standard showbiz envy” is eerily similar to events which have been described of Nazi-led Germany.

So if you voted for Trump, or you’re okay with the election of Trump, or you just think it’s wrong to attack people in the street without provocation, chances are you qualify as a Nazi in Patton Oswalt’s eyes. Or a Nazi sympathizer, at least.

Now the violence he predicted is coming to pass, and he’s okay with it because it’s happening to people he hates.

One of tactics the Nazis used was to ritually dehumanize their enemies to make it easier to commit violence against them. “It’s okay, because they’re not really people.” So welcome to the club, Patton.

And it’s not just him. Look at the tens of thousands of people who agree with the following sentiment:

Never mind that Indy also shot Muslims in the street, and Captain America beat up Marxists too. Forget about that stuff. No, it’s a tiny group of 4chan Nazi-wannabe nerds who need to get beaten in the street. Because they’re Literally Hitler.

Have fun punching the Nazis, Patton. Don’t forget your stepladder.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)