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President Of The Environment Al Gore To Host ‘Climate Change Summit’ After CDC Cancels It


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Now this is what I like to see. Privatization! If you really care about an issue, such as global change climate warming, you should have the right to spend as much of your own money as you want on it. Just stop robbing the rest of us at gunpoint.

Brooke Seipel, The Hill:

Climate activist and former vice president Al Gore is teaming up with the American Public Health Association and other organizations to hold a summit on climate change and health that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention canceled earlier this week.

The CDC quietly called off the summit after President Trump’s inauguration, telling reporters it was “exploring options to reschedule the meeting.” The scientific community has accused CDC officials of canceling the event out of fear of the Trump administration…

“They tried to cancel this conference but it is going forward anyway,” Gore said in a statement on the event.

Okay. So now a huge SUV can take Big Fat Al from one of his mansions to one of his private jets, and then he can go stand in front of a bunch of other idiots and lecture the rest of us about our carbon footprints. I’m fine with that, as long as I’m not on the hook for it. Pay for it yourself, roundboy.

You can believe whatever nonsense you want. Just keep your hand out of my pocket.

P.S. As satisfying as Hillary Clinton’s loss is, nothing will ever beat what happened to Al. All that money, all that fame, and yet he’ll never have what he wanted most in the whole world. The only thing that’s warming around here is my heart.