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Morning Mirror: Coworker Spreads Germs Around Office

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Why are people shocked at networks airing Trump’s SCOTUS announcement? Is this not a big deal?”

Hadas Gold, Político media writer.



Secrets, lies and Trump’s EO 

Matthew Yglesias is the Executive Editor of Vox. Jake Sherman is a Politico Playbook writer. 



“Reader writes to tell me some journalists are getting ‘perilously close to sedition.’ This is what Trump and Bannon want to unleash.” — Matt Bai, national political columnist, Yahoo! News.

Journo gets called an ‘ass’ 

“I was called an ass today and it wasn’t even noon yet so technically I couldn’t have had a drink to stultify the comment. #blamethepress” — Gordon Lubold, Pentagon reporter, WSJ.

Grab the Purell: My coworker is apparently sick and spreading germs around the office 

“Incredibly sick, but still out here grinding at work. That’s what true heroes do. No need to make a big deal out of it. Just saying most people would probably already be dead, but I keep pushing through for the better of this country.” — David Hookstead, sports reporter, The Daily Caller.

TWITTER NARCISSUS: Montel ridiculously retweets himself for being the ‘voice of sanity’ 


The Observer

“Just turned on “Greta.” Every time I try to watch it feels like FOXNews.” — John Aravosis, digital strategist and editor, AMERICAblog.

“Taking a few days off of FB seems like a good idea this week.” — Jason Roe, partner, Revolvis Consulting, former senior advisor to ex-presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.

On Sen. Chuck Schumer’s tears…

“The official White House policy is that there’s a ‘5 percent chance’ Schumer’s tears were real. But I would put the figure higher. Dude is losing his marbles.” — Patrick Howley, The American Spectator, former reporter, Breitbart News.

“Trump can mock @SenSchumer’s tears, but give me a man who cries at the violation of our values over one who smiles while obliterating them.” — Peter Daou, former advisor to Hillary Clinton.

“Tears of a clown.” — Breitbart News.

“I am proud of Chuck Schumer for crying, and for wiping away the tears with his normal-sized, correctly proportioned hands.” — Dana Gould, comedian, writer.

“The ridicule for Chuck Schumer’s tears speaks to the moral decay of our politics.” — Esquire.

“NY Senator Chuck Schumer gets emotional when talking about Trump’s refugee ban.” — BuzzFeed News.

NPR reporter has a prediction on who will host White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“So what’s the over/under on Yakov Smirnoff being the featured comedian at this year’s WH Correspondents Dinner?” — David Folkenflik.

Daily Life Shit 

“In other breaking news my local CVS is closing, fucking goddamnit.” — Sarah Emerson, reporter, Motherboard.

Atlantic correspondent detests Trump presidency 

“You can think of past WH moves that are wrong in history’s eyes. You can think of past blunders. This is new high of combo offense+stupidity.” — James Fallows, national correspondent, The Atlantic.