Cuban: Dems ‘Are Blowing It’ — ‘Need To Take A Different Approach If They Want To Get Different Results’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Mark Cuban told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Wednesday that congressional Democrats are “blowing it” by attempting to obstruct President Trump’s nominees.

Mark Cuban (Getty Images)

Mark Cuban (Getty Images)

“I am an independent and not a Democrat and don’t have a vested interest in the Democratic party at all,” the venture capitalist stated. “What I will say, at least from my perspective, everything that was wrong with the Republicans during the Obama administration was built around obstructionism.”


“It was bad for everybody, bad for the country,” he continued. “The reality is that’s how we ended up with President Trump, and in an honest moment with conservative leaders, you know, they will tell you that they didn’t want a President Trump. They wanted a real conservative.

“With that in mind, why are the Democrats looking to copy the obstructionist approach?” Cuban pontificated. “It was everything wrong with the Republicans. It didn’t really work for them. you know?”

“It’s a problem and it’s bad for the country. They need to take a different approach if they want to get different results.”

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