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Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape-Hoaxer Must Comply With Frat’s Subpoena

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Last November, a Virginia jury found Rolling Stone liable to UVA dean Nicole Eramo for the magazine’s utterly false story about a gang-rape at the university’s Phi Kappa Psi chapter. She won $3 million. Three UVA Phi Psi members also sued, but a judge dismissed the suit (for reasons that still baffle me). The chapter as a whole is also suing, and that case is now moving forward.

Ashe Schow, Watchdog.org:

“Jackie,” the woman at the center of a debunked gang-rape claim sensationally published by Rolling Stone magazine, will have to “substantially comply” with a subpoena from attorneys representing the fraternity named in the article…

The… lawsuit was filed in November 2015 by the UVA chapter of Phi Psi, and has been in limbo while Eramo’s lawsuit moved forward. Now the case is working its way through the system, and a judge has again ruled that Jackie must comply with a subpoena to turn over documents relating to the case.

As a Phi Psi alum, I’m glad to hear this. If this hoax hadn’t been exposed, it would’ve been even worse for those guys and Phi Psis everywhere. It’s okay to hate frat boys — I hate ’em, and I was one — but a lot of people allowed that hatred to blind them to the truth. It made them want to believe an utterly preposterous story because it confirmed their biases. And yet a lot of them are still treating “Jackie” like the wronged party, not the guys she falsely accused. She’s the designated victim.

Lotta that goin’ around these days, huh?

Hang in there, my Phi Psi brothers. I look forward to raising a red Solo cup to toast your victory.