Hugh Hewitt: ‘Go Dirty Birds’ [AUDIO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Hugh Hewitt wants the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl, and he spent a large portion of his Friday morning interview with Steve Kornacki ribbing the MSNBC host for being a New England Patriots fan.

Hugh Hewitt (Getty Images)

Hugh Hewitt (Getty Images)

Hewitt, a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, opened the segment by blasting Patriots head coach Bill Belichick for “single-handedly” dismantling the Browns.

“I blame Belichick. How can I ever root for Belichick? How can you ever root for Belichick?” he joked to Kornacki.


“I understand your perspective, I suppose, but I’ve got to say, I hate that, obviously,” Kornacki responded. “I understand people hate the Patriots today. I get that. I thought that the suspension of Brady was just nuts, and I just love the idea that Goodell has spent all year coming up with every excuse he can to stay away from a Patriots game, and now he may have no choice but to stand there and hand him the trophy.”

“I would really enjoy seeing that.”

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