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Afternoon Mirror: Rumors Are Flying Tapper Could Become A Target Of GOP Operatives

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Life, now: Bowzer from Sha Na Na just emailed to ask me to ask Maggie Haberman to unblock him from Twitter.”

NYT White House correspondent Glenn Thrush.



Will CNN’s Jake Tapper soon be on the GOP chopping block? 

Jonathan Swan is a reporter for Axios. 


Tapper asked,  “Is this speculation or based on reporting?”

Swan replied, “Reporting. Wrote a short piece.”

Read that story… here. Short is right. Try four sentences and a video clip.

Reporter wonders if public speculation about destroying reporters is healthy 

“Sure, reporters publicly speculating about future partisan hatchet jobs on other reporters – that’s healthy.” — Alex Burns, NYT.

Journo says he won’t attend WHCD

“Are we really going to a lighthearted, black-tie dinner with a president and senior aides who say the media ignores terrorism? Not me.” — Matt Bai, national political columnist, Yahoo! News.

Overheard in the Newsroom I

“I’m aware of how my job works.” — Anonymous journo.

Overheard in the Newsroom II

“I don’t date coworkers ever. I just don’t.”

Got a tip of something you heard in your newsroom? Write me at 

Reporting While Female

“I received a message today from a man who enjoys my political posts – but basically suggested that I become more ‘soft’ and feminine instead of ‘pounding things’ so strongly – so that I will have a better chance of finding a husband.
I kid you not.” — Laura Harbison, editor-in-chief, Apocageddon.

Former White House Director of Public Engagement questions Trump’s Twitter judgement 



“Politics. Wow. What a mess. I can’t believe what is happening. I’ve never seen anything like this. What has happened to us.” — Jim Brady, CEO, founder, Spirited Media.

On portraying President Trump ‘as a boob’ 

“This is truly bizarre and unique. Every new White House has lots of growing pains and plenty of leaks. But they never feature leak after leak after leak portraying the president as a boob. That’s something new.” — Kevin Drum, Mother Jones, opining on HuffPost‘s story on White House leaks that suggest aides are worried about the President’s behavior.

WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza bothered by a man wearing a scarf 

“Dear dude wearing a scarf on DC street today: 1. It is 70 out 2. You are not Jose Mourinho”

The Observer

“The evolution of certain ostensibly anti-trump outlets to suddenly embracing anti-anti-trumpism was almost too embarrassingly predictable.” — The Daily Beast‘s Asawin Suebsaeng.