Go Home, Barry Soetoro

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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Traditionally presidents keep a low profile after they move out of the White House. They go back to their home state, take up hobbies and perhaps pen their memoir to put forward their version of events. It’s a time to be gracious and keep a low profile so the new president can take ownership of the Oval Office.

As with many other fine traditions which uphold the stability of the Republic, former President Obama is refusing to go quietly. It seems he just can’t stand to be away from the spotlight.

Not only is the former president releasing statements on President Trump’s policies through a spokesperson and expressing approval of the riots against President Trump by violent leftists, he is also taking press along to cover his kitesurfing holiday with billionaire Richard Branson.

Rather than move back to Hawaii, the former president has decided as well to stay in Washington while he and Michelle set up their Clintonesque Obama Foundation. Such conduct is decidedly unpresidential.

Before becoming president, Donald Trump in 2014 caused a furor by pointing out live on Fox that the former president’s real name is Barry Soetoro. President Trump’s allegation was further buttressed recently with the release of a five-year sheriff’s office investigation into the former president’s birth certificate which found conclusive evidence that it is a forgery.

The truth is, Americans never really knew who their president was for eight years. The higher his rhetoric soared, the opaquer his real agenda became. His was a manufactured identity crafted for political purposes; he may well be remembered not for being the first black president, but rather the first illegitimate one. He was also the most divisive since Lincoln.

The political disadvantage of the right is that we have moral standards we adhere to. Unlike the left, we have respect for the office of the presidency even if we despise the man holding it. We need to overcome such qualms if we are to salvage our civilization. It’s time for the independent media to treat the former president with the same disdain and lack of respect as the establishment media is treating President Trump.

Go home, Barry Soetoro! You’re a disgrace. You ruined the country, and now it’s time for you to go back home to the golf courses of Hawaii and enjoy the bloody lucre the deep state has rewarded you with for your services. Let the serious men and women of America try to fix the mess you made. You radicalized an entire region and turned whole nations into rubble while dangerously degrading our military and provoking our rivals. You divided the country by race, gender and faith and have put us all at each other’s throats. The Alinskyite neo-Marxist skills you honed in Chicago are now reaping a whirlwind across America and throughout the world.

For eight years we watched the leftist media fawn over the former president. At times it was risible. We watched the White House Press Secretary hit slow balls and everyone clap with delight as all in the room got to feel they had scored a home run together. Everyone got a trophy. Everyone except everyday Americans who were being eaten away by the lowest average economic growth rates under any American president. Ever.

Not once was the former president called to account by the liberal media over the more than 100,000 bombs he authorized to be dropped on the men, women and children of the Third World. When he bombed weddings and hospitals, the media was silent. Instead coastal liberals guffawed at their hip, selfie-taking emperor making wisecracks on SNL. Not a peep about his executive orders, the destruction by proxy of Libya, Syria and Yemen and the stoking of war tensions with America’s great geopolitical rival, Russia. Instead, look at him dancing with Michelle! So cute.

When future historians are seeking examples of late imperial decadence and moral degeneracy, the last eight years in America will provide them with the most striking picture of it since Nero.

Both inside and outside America today there is rising turmoil, division, hatred and violence. All of this is being pinned on President Trump’s tweets by an ideologically obsessed media and their oligarchic backers such as George Soros, Jeff Bezos and Carlos Slim. The spiraling chaos of the world was not created by President Trump. It was engineered over eight years by a Community Organizer-In-Chief well-versed in the dark arts of agitprop, dog whistling and the mobilization of mobs.

The disastrous Arab Spring movement which led to the civil wars, Islamist governments and mass migrations now ripping the Middle East apart was fueled by the former president’s rhetorical interventions in the region. His Cairo speech in 2009 was lauded by the neo-Marxist commentariat back home. In it, the former president encouraged uprisings against the rulers of the region who maintained the status quo. The result has been rivers of blood poured into the sand, many of them Christians. Not once did the media or the liberal establishment call the former president to account for his reckless destruction of an entire region of the globe. Instead he got the Nobel Peace Prize that year.

Stay in Hawaii, Barry. By all means, go kitesurfing with the oligarchs while you’re there. But stay away from politics. You weakened America internally and strengthened our enemies externally. The country cannot afford any more of your false hope and phony change. Perhaps with distance we’ll get a better perspective; because no matter how much you talked, we never really knew you.