Hannity Calls Out ‘Liberal Agitator’ David Brock [VIDEO]

Reuters/Mike Segar.

Ian Mason Contributor
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Sean Hannity discussed a secret memo leaked to the Washington Free Beacon, outlining David Brock’s strategy for countering President Trump, on Fox News Tuesday night.

The Free Beacon reportedly acquired the memo at “a private getaway” organized by the Media Matters founder and attended by “over one hundred rich liberal donors.”


The memo “outlined Brock’s plan, year to year, to take down President Donald Trump,” Hannity stated. It included plans to “file lawsuits and even describes ways to Impeach Donald Trump.”

Hannity also criticized the memo’s plan and sought to link it to the wider Democratic strategy for the Trump Era.

“What you see going on now with this temporary travel ban and this lawsuit, it’s just part of the democrats longer-term plan,” he explained. “They found the most liberal federal appeals court in the country to battle the Trump Administration.”

“What they want to do is ram their radical agenda down your throat,” the Fox host concluded. “What they can’t get done at the ballot box, what they can’t done legislatively, they’re using the courts through judicial activism.”

According to Hannity, Media Matters refused to comment on the memo, and “instead, they took a shot at me.”