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America In Crisis: WHCA Dinner In Trouble

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There are three annual events that fill every red-blooded American with joy: Christmas, the Fourth of July, and whatever day they hold the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. We all anticipate the WHCD with a sense of childlike wonder — Which reliably leftist comedian will be the host? How will they all slam Republicans and pat themselves on the back for being so wonderful? Petit filet again? — and everybody dreams of one day attending.


But now the WHCD might be in jeopardy because of the man they all encouraged to run for president. Marisa Guthrie, Hollywood Reporter:

Flame-retardant formalwear might be in order for the first White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner with Donald Trump. The president’s media war and initial policy moves are recasting Washington’s premier social event as a radioactive hot potato that few Hollywood stars or media outlets want to touch…

Sources tell THR the casts of the D.C.-set House of Cards, Veep and Scandal likely will not attend (all have had a presence during the Obama years), while the WHCA has yet to secure a comedian headliner, as is customary by February. Many media organizations are waffling on their usual plans for the weekend. It’s unclear whether MSNBC will host its traditional afterparty, an event known for anchor and amateur mixologist Rachel Maddow tending the bar. Also unknown is whether Funny or Die will host its Friday night kickoff party. Already, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker — both of whose editors have been critical of Trump — have pulled out of the festivities.

Oh no. This is terrible. No SNL comedian calling half of America racists? No Maddow smirking behind the bar? No Funny or Die kickoff party? No Vanity Fair???

What will happen to journalism?

For the good of the country, and of free speech itself, Donald Trump must step down immediately and allow Hillary Clinton to take her rightful place as the popular-vote winner. Then Washington and Hollywood can come together once more for their customary self-congratulatory circle-jerk, and everything will be okay again. Give them what they want, because this isn’t fair and they don’t like it.