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Senator Tells CNN Hosts How To Run Their Show (He Plays Dumb On Ivanka Shopping Scandal)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Banking on how bad the media is perceived these days, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) appeared on CNN Thursday morning and scolded the hosts.

Covering up a lack of common sense by dinging journalists appears to be the modus operandi in the early days of President Trump‘s presidency. Blunt executed the technique perfectly, but looked like an idiot dodging a question in the process.

Hosts John Berman and Poppy Harlow asked Blunt about Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway‘s remarks on Fox News Thursday morning in which she told viewers to go buy Ivanka Trump clothing. Her comment came in response to Nordstrom dropping Ivanka’s merchandise and Trump scolding the department store Tuesday.

At first Blunt said he hadn’t heard Conway’s comments.

“Well, Poppy, I don’t know what question she was asked, but based on the answer, it sounds like somebody just asked her that question and she answered the question,” said Blunt. “If you are going to criticize her for the question she was asked, don’t ask ’em.”

Fine, ok. Maybe he wasn’t watching Fox News this morning. Maybe his aides were napping. Or he was in the middle of eating an English Muffin. Or he was de-puffing his eyes. Whatever the case, he hadn’t been briefed on news dominating TV and social media this morning.

When Harlow told him verbatim what Conway said, he continued to act like he was being asked the most ludicrous, inconsequential questions imaginable.

Then came the priceless scolding and journalism advice.

“She responded,” said Blunt. “You know, you are not going to be successful with this program or others if you ask people constantly to comment on a question somebody else in the news just asked somebody else. I think Kellyanne is doing a good job, she is going to continue to do her job. …I suspect she will answer the questions she is asked.”

Berman played nice, but he shouldn’t have. He said kindly, “We’re just asking you as someone with oversight over the White House.”

Blunt then wished Berman and Harlow well on their new show, the first day of which happened to be today. Kate Bolduan is now occupying the 11 a.m. slot.

“Good to be with you this week and good luck with the show,” he said.