UCLA Offers Seminars To Help Students Understand Trump Phenomenon

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Jason Chulack Reporting Intern
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The University of California — Los Angeles will be offering seminars this spring with topics revolving around the rise of Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election, according to the Daily Bruin.

The campus newspaper reported Sunday that faculty members are being offered up to $1,000 to lead a seminar on the subject of Trump through the Fiat Lux Seminar Program. The program allows freshman students to enroll in seminars for one unit of academic course credit on a pass/fail basis.

This spring the following seminars will be offered:

Gender 19: “Bullied by Trump’s Tweets? University Students on Edge”
Gender 19: “Media Literacy and Trump Era: #NoDAPL and Indigenous Social Movements”
Hist 19: “Whitelash or Working Class Revolt? Making Sense of Rise of Trump and New Populism”
Pol Sci 19: “Trump’s Foreign Policy: Change or Continuity?”
Pol Sci 19: “Why We Disagree, and Can’t Agree to Disagree, on Trump Presidency”
Pol Sci 19: “Trump Administration Foreign Policy: Behind Headlines”

Interim dean of social sciences Laura Gómez implemented the “Dean’s Fund For Programs & Teaching Related to the 2016 Presidential Election” as an incentive for professors to agree to lead the seminars, the Daily Bruin reports. The Fiat Lux Program held seminars in 2009 about the election of Barack Obama, but no supplemental funding was offered to professors to teach those seminars.

Political science professor, Leslie Johns, told the Daily Bruin that she wasn’t considering teaching a Fiat Lux seminar until she heard about the fund, and now she will be teaching Pol Sci 19: “Trump Administration Foreign Policy: Behind Headlines.”

“Trump’s presidency raises a lot of questions about what can or will happen,” political science professor Susanne Lohmann told the Daily Bruin. Lohmann will be teaching Pol Sci 19: “Why We Disagree, and Can’t Agree to Disagree, on Trump Presidency.”