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Reporters Cry Like Babies Because Trump Won’t Do What They Want

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During the early days of the Obama administration, Jeff Zeleny (then at the NYT) showed us how tough, truth-seeking reporters ask questions of the President of the United States:

What enchants you about being POTUS, sir? Answer the question!

Now that their team has lost, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters still think the president should call on them. And when he doesn’t, they don’t handle it very well. On Monday, they flipped out that the Daily Caller’s own Kaitlan Collins got a question, and it wasn’t one they wanted her to ask. How dare she do that?

And she didn’t even ask President Trump how enchanting all of this is.

They’re going to scream like babies about this as long as they don’t get their way. Here’s Matthew Dowd throwing a tantrum about it earlier today:

It’s weird. Remember when Obama refused to acknowledge Fox News as a legitimate news outlet? I thought that was dumb, but I don’t remember these guys saying he was shutting down the First Amendment. As I recall, they pretty much agreed with him.



Cry me a river.

Welcome to the wilderness, jerks. It’d be one thing if you’d been as tough on Barry for 8 years as you’re being on Donald. But you weren’t, and we were all paying attention. Your newfound fervor for speaking truth to power is cute, but it’s a bit late to start pretending you’re professionals all of a sudden.

It’s not much fun when people don’t take you seriously, is it? Enjoy the taste.

P.S. I should’ve known that the Washington Free Beacon was already on this.