Politico Correspondent Can’t See Any Political Motivation For Intel Community Holding Back Info From Trump [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor
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On MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” Wednesday, Politico Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Micheal Crowley told viewers he thought there weren’t any political motives behind the reported reluctance of the American intelligence community to provide certain information to the Commander-in-Chief.


Host Brian Williams asked Crowley about a Wall Street Journal report that certain intelligence officials were deliberately withholding information from President Trump. The report came after various leaks from the intelligence community have placed the administration in political hot water.

“I think that what you’ll hear from the Trump White House is that this is sort of an anti-democratic effort by Obama loyalists to bring down the President because they don’t accept the results of the election,” Crowley said dismissively.

“…I think, more likely…a lot of these people are really serious professionals who literally put their lives on the line or work with people on the field who are actually risking their lives every day, and they genuinely are afraid that information they give to the White House might fall into the wrong hands or become public in a dangerous way.”

That politics could be involved in the decision-making of these officials struck Crowley as unlikely. “I really don’t think you can write it off as politically motivated, even though I think there definitely is personal resentment towards Trump in the intelligence community, which is largely his own fault.”