Jesse Watters Confronts Notorious Anti-White Professor [VIDEO]

Ian Mason Contributor
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Fox News personality Jesse Watters went to St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia to confront Professor David Parry, who came to national prominence after his post-election rant telling students not to “open their hearts to white Trump supporters” was recorded and went viral.


Debuting the tape of his attempt to get Parry to explain his now-famous words on “Fox and Friends” Friday morning, Watters explained, “So there’s a professor who has been indoctrinating his students at St. Joe’s University down in Philadelphia, saying you can’t open your heart to white Trump supporters and that Trump is going to have people die as a result of the election.”

Watters tried to open conversation with Parry, saying, “We just wanted to ask you some questions. You said some pretty irresponsible things in the classroom.”

Despite being head of the university’s communications department, Parry stayed mum, refusing to answer for his post-election comments on his long walk to his car.

“Fox and Friends” host Steve Doocy asked Watters what kind of professor Parry was. When he heard he taught communications, Doocy asked, “So he’s training journalists, essentially?”

“Yes he is,” answered Watters, “and he’s not doing a very good job.”