Agnew 2.0: The Wars Of President And Media

William Jurs Freelance Writer
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The president is at war with the press. We have democratic operatives and DC moles leaking sensitive private correspondence of the president and his staff to intelligence assets at The Washington Post, all to generate the perception of scandal.

Is this 2017 or 1972?

From the Nixon tapes:

Rogers: I think that’s it. You know, that preoccupation of fighting the press all the time. Geez, you can’t win. It’s a losing battle.

Nixon: [speaking over Rogers] The point is to fight them but don’t appear to be doing it.

Rogers: I know it.

Nixon: That’s [Agnew’s] problem. He just wears it on his sleeve.

On Saturday, Trump delivered an eviscerating assault upon the fake news. In his speech he mentioned what’s going on in Sweden, off the cuff, and referenced the night before as the point of reference.

Immediately, the press ran with the narrative that Trump invented a fake Sweden terrorist attack, enjoining the cooperation of verbose Swedish officials to throw shade upon the President.

Meanwhile, Swedish women have been sexually assaulted by Muslim refugees in significant numbers. I was going to say hundreds, but since only dozens are officially compiled, the media might say I was lying. Oh, nuance! Had the rapists been preppy college athletes, the professional feminist left would have offered the plea that 9/10ths of victims don’t report!

Do you see how nuance, and intellectual honesty, have been sacrificed upon the altar of stupidity, bias, and money?

The press pointed back to the “bowling green massacre” incident as evidence of a pattern of Trump administration behavior: the invention of fake terrorist incidents. In truth, the exhausted White House counsel, Conway made a simple mistake recollecting the details of a real incident in Bowling Green involving refugees sending financial aid to Al Qaeda in Iraq. Well, that’s no worse a crime than committed by Obama.

Nevertheless, the press, with zero charity to Kellyanne, represented this misstatement as a calculated lie.

This press corps, which has nothing but tolerance for the wanton murder of millions of Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, and others through sanctions, covert war, arms sales, logistical support, civil war and outright war on innocents, through lies about Weapons of Mass destruction;

This press corps, which has unlimited sympathy for Obama, who, with zero Republican votes, passed a healthcare bill which inverted his promise of “you can keep your doctor”—sending tens of millions of Americans into confusion and disarray – including complications of health leading to stress, and even death—over their healthcare, not to mention higher cost;

These bottom feeding, bathtub scum are now the watchdogs for truth and accuracy in every nuance of every statement issued from the White House? Give me a break.

Any reading of Trump’s Saturday remarks shows no such statement in regard to a terrorist attack. In Trump fashion, he was leveling with the audience about what was most probably a reference to the story on Fox the night before about the scandal in Sweden over a police and press cover-up of massive refugee sexual assaults.

Here we have another example of the press, and the leftist agenda, infringing upon the rights of one portion of the left coalition against another, smaller portion: in this case, the assaulted women vs the Muslim refugees.

That is the sign of the times: the incoherence of interests and doctrine of the leftist coalition. The winner is always the smaller, crazier group, as for instance, when mentally ill people who have surgically altered their genitalia, want to impose their bathroom presence upon millions of normal females.

Why does the establishment indulge in such insanity? To create wedge issues to divide a confused, beleaguered public, economically raped and confused by the issues of tiny fragment-grenade minorities over nonsense, as their real economic interests and their political unity is plundered by these ruses.

The press, playing dumb, has closed its ranks to attack the President for his supposed invention of a Sweden terror attack. They know as well as anyone what he was referring to, in his manner of speaking: the Fox reports the night before of large-scale sexual assaults of Swedish women by Islamic refugee migrants, covered up by Swedish police and press to avoid inflaming the Swedish Right.

Pause for a moment. Possibly hundreds of Swedish women have been assaulted by migrants who have no right or reason, interest or desire to be in Sweden, besides a lavish cash benefit.

When the press pretend they don’t understand what Trump was referring to, they are lying, or else too stupid or biased to hold their posts.

The mainstream media has retreated to a narrow perimeter; their viewership consists of the elderly; of obese couch potatoes, and of the self-selected individuals interested in satisfying their own confirmation bias. They lie to please their audience.

This is part one of a two-part story.