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Ed Schultz Is Speaking At CPAC?!


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Remember that liberal blowhard who used to work for MSNBC?

You know, the one who barked at New York Mag’s Olivia Nuzzi when she interviewed him for a story for The Daily Beast?

Ed Schultz, now a correspondent for RT, or Russia Today, the Russian propaganda outlet, will be speaking at CPAC.

Reporters beware: he’s not too approachable. And he doesn’t hold doors.

Even judges don’t like him too much. In May of 2015, The Daily Caller extensively covered a week long trial in which Judge Beryl Howell — a caustic woman who was about as pleasant as the sound of her name — scolded Schultz for being rude to her staff. Schultz was being sued by an NBC employee for breach of partnership. A jury cleared Schultz of any wrongdoing, but the case is being appealed.

“Your client is a star, but not with this staff,” Howell howled at his attorney.

In certain circles, Schultz may be viewed as a step up from Breitbart NewsMilo Yiannopoulos, who has been nixed as a speaker because of wild remarks he made about pedophilia. Yiannopoulos says he wasn’t condoning pedophilia. The powers that be at CPAC think otherwise.

Even so, who would choose watching Schultz over Milo?

“Milo may not be speaking at CPAC but former MSNBC (and current RT) host Ed Schultz is,” noted Ben Jacobs, a political reporter for the Guardian.

Schultz, who really likes a good breath mint, will be speaking on a panel called “Free Trade, Fair Trade, or Phony Trade.”