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Telling Marine Le Pen To Wear A Headscarf Is Mansplaining

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Earlier today, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen — or, as she’s invariably described in the press, far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen — refused to wear a headscarf to meet Lebanon’s Grand High Poobah or whoever. Considering she’s a woman and therefore a protected class, you’d think that would be the end of it. No means no, right? Wellllll…

Check out how these sexist jerks reacted to a woman standing up for her rights. Ghazi Balkiz and James Masters, CNN:

A spokesman for Lebanon’s Sunni religious leader, Grand Mufti Abdel Latif Derian, told CNN that Le Pen had been informed of the need to wear a head covering prior to the meeting…

“I urged her to put it on, she refused and said she would not put it on and walked out without attending the previously agreed upon meeting with the Mufti. The Edict House regrets such inappropriate behavior at such meetings.”

Inappropriate. Behavior.

This is from a man. Talking about a woman. Wow. Just… wow. I literally can’t even.

Telling a woman why she needs to subjugate herself to men is sexist, right? Isn’t this mansplaining? Isn’t this misogyny? Isn’t it patriarchy and rape culture and all those other bad things?

It’s funny how feminists always shut their traps when their agenda runs afoul of Islam. Besides, Le Pen doesn’t qualify as a woman anyway. She’s “far-right.” How can she be for equal rights if she’s a racist?

Liberal cognitive dissonance is your best entertainment value.