Seattle Preschool Plans ‘Anti-Racism’ Lessons For Toddlers

Amber Randall | Civil Rights Reporter

A new Seattle, Wash., preschool is planning to teach toddlers about social justice, racism and biases.

The two teachers opening the school, Benjamin Gore and Jason Frelot, want to teach the children about the “experiences of people of color,” reports Heat Street.

“We’re looking to create the confidence that when these kids go into predominately white schools that they can bring counter narratives to the school,” Gore said.

They plan to open the school in the fall; both teachers said that preschool lessons cannot consist of just songs and playtime. They believe that the children must learn about “untold stories.” Also, the two want to rid preschoolers of their alleged biases.

“When we’re telling stories to our kids, especially about people of color, we want to make sure that we’re showing them stories about people of color that aren’t just about people existing in the past,” Frelot added.

As of now, the two host community workshops on similar topics that parents attend until the school opens. One parent said she was delighted with the fact that her child would be introduced to people who don’t look like him.

“And there’s a lot of Disney princess culture that happens in our house, and they see white princesses and say, ‘I want to look like that,’ and I think it’s really important that they see there are so many other ways they can accomplish things than being a white princess,” the parent said.

Evergreen College also planned a workshop targeted at 3-6 year olds. The workshop aimed to teach parents how to rid their little children of racism, sexism and discrimination.

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