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Trump Might Be The First President Since McKinley Without A Dog, But At Least He’s Never Eaten One

REUTERS/Stephen Lam

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I understand that everything Trump does and doesn’t do is news, because he’s the president. So I suppose this is worth noting?

Ryan Grenoble, HuffPo:

It’s looking very possible that Trump could be the first president in nearly 130 years not to have a dog in the White House…

The last dog-less president was William McKinley…

At a bare minimum, a dog could help Trump cope with all those lonely evenings he reportedly spends at the White House.

Write your own Bannon joke, people.

Trump might not get a dog, but Ivanka sure is a fox! Get it?

If nothing else, I hope Trump gets one, because this is the first time in eight years that dogs are safe in the White House.

Obama eats dogs.

(Hat tip: Stephen Miller, not the one who works in the White House)