CPAC And Richard Spencer


Paul H. Yarbrough Freelance Writer
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Richard Spencer was booted from CPAC last week. Republicans don’t view what is called a white supremacist as a conservative (by the way, this conference was mostly (R)epublican, not (r)epublican). And Republicans are conservatives only when convenient. Much like Rinos, I call them Cinos. I don’t know how a republican could not be a conservative. Whether or not Spencer is a conservative or a white supremacist is not my call. I’m not even sure what the term means (white supremacist–I know what conservative means though most Republican don’t).

I don’t know what is in the mind of Richard Spencer, but then who can keep up with the rambling principles of a John Boehner, Paul Ryan or even a Rick Perry. They are not booted for their fence-straddling behavior.

Only a few years back Rick Perry said down here in Texas, that succession would be good for Texas. But that would align him in principle with the old Confederate States of America’s conduct which was in line and principle with the various declarations of independences by several colonies before signing jointly (for union in battle against the British) The Declaration of Independence—not the founding of a country or nation but a declaration of secession from those pesky Brits.

However, any fool knows that the real idea for the C.S.A. was white rule because they hated blacks. And Perry probably didn’t expect to leave Texas for Washington; certainly, not to head up the Department of Energy which he forgot he wanted abolished–or wanted to abolish something that he couldn’t remember and it turned out to be the DOE.

So if you asked Rick Perry today if he supports the Texas National Movement (TNM) my guess is he would crawfish when someone suggested he wanted to bring back the old “white supremacist” C.S.A. (Just for the record Jefferson Davis and wife Varina adopted as their own an orphaned mistreated slave boy, during the war) and say what all political hacks say: “You quoted me out of context.”

Now often this is true (the out of context business), but probably more often they are quoted correctly but the political winds have changed (real conservatives change seldom—it isn’t necessary-since conservative means to CON-serve and only good and proper things are conserved) and now it is time to break to the other side of the room where the proper crowd is.

Now Governor Perry wouldn’t want to get kicked out of CPAC so you can bet he’ll disavow the TNM if asked about it. After all he doesn’t want to be associated with Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis both of whom prayed with and taught and fought beside blacks during The War Between the States, which would certainly link him to Richard Spencer, white supremacist–again, whatever that means.