Sessions Only Guilty In Democrat Alternate Universe

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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It was merely a matter of time before the Democrats demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s head on a platter.

That the American left despises evangelical Christians like Sessions in public office — especially if they are from Dixie — is beyond dispute. But it’s not just that the left believes Christians inappropriately appraise public issues on the basis of their private faith — just as any secular humanist would routinely do.  They believe that evangelicals cannot be trusted and are somehow conspiratorial agents plotting to hasten the Second Coming of Christ by disregarding secular solutions to the problems of war and poverty on this temporal earth. Bring on the Apocalypse!

I’m surprised it took them this many weeks to insist upon his resignation.

Perhaps the “leadership,” or more accurately, caretakers, who provide some direction to this rootless, meandering group of eclectic political dilettantes were waiting for the right Russia moment, since just about everything in the Democratic world view goes around and comes around to Vladimir Putin and his emissaries that are imagined under every Republican bed. Whether it is genuine paranoia or just a persistent political expediency that just they honesty believe will reap political dividends it is hard to say; but the Dems have found their issue and they are sticking to it.

But with weekly sabre rattling and suggestions that speculative cyber attacks somehow constitute an act of war, I’m wondering if these people comprehend that though Russia may no longer be communist, the nuclear arsenal that the Soviet regime accumulated did not somehow vanish with the exit of Mikhail Gorbachev from the world stage.  Russia remains a formidable power, however you may define its political system, and it is surely to God the height of irresponsibility and idiocy to blithely consider war with an insouciance that suggests not confidence but detachment from reality.

Many of the neo-hawks in the Democratic Party are the same people who gloried in the anti-nuke apotheosis of the 1980s when they all watched documentaries like “If You Love This Planet” that advocated a unilateral nuclear freeze from the United States because the very thought of nuclear conflict with the Soviets was beyond contemplation and defending freedom in a nuclear context was somehow immoral. Or you might remember “The Day After,” a television event that supposed to induce pathological fear of nuclear Armageddon and prompt classroom discussions the following day where students would question why we didn’t just throw away our nukes and trust the Soviets to do the same.

To be fair, the Democratic Party establishment never embraced this concept and in fact America’s bipartisan foreign policy remained largely intact throughout the last decade of the Cold War — a unity that contributed to our winning that protracted struggle.  But the left-wing corridor of the Democratic Party, like the Labour Party in the U.K. and the New Democratic Party in Canada actively embraced surrendering to the communists because it wasn’t so bad to be red and otherwise we would be dead.

Well, that kind of talk and that mode of talk bordered on treason and was a gross betrayal of the free men and women who had successfully contained Soviet aggression.

So has Jeff Sessions committed treason in even an oblique sense?  Has he compromised himself or his office? He talked to the gregarious and apparently ubiquitous Russian ambassador who is routinely chews the ears off anyone who happens to be standing in his presence, usually holding forth about the righteousness of the Russian cause in Ukraine. Did Sessions make any promises, receive any brown bags or suitcases?

I heard his explanation on Tucker Carlson tonight on Thursday, and I have to say it made sense when he said his answer about whether he had met with the Russians was true in the context of the question.

But truthfully, why would this even be an issue if not for the persistence of a myth, constructed of falsehood, upon a foundation of conjecture that the Russians somehow wanted President Donald Trump to win the presidential election and actively worked towards that objective. Remove that hobgoblin from the scenario and Sessions does not appear either mendacious or duplicitous but just another target of desultory Democrats in search of Russian phantoms.

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