Fathers Of Three Green Berets Killed By Jordanian Guard Demand Trump Act

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An investigation into the deaths of three Green Berets in Jordan in November 2016 reveals that a Jordanian guard fired shots at the trio without warning, killing three Green Berets and resulting in a point-blank showdown with the fourth.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Lewellen and Staff Sgts. James F. Moriarty and Kevin McEnroe were killed while on a training mission on Nov. 4, 2016, upon entrance to the King Faisal Air Force Base in Jordan, and the subsequent investigation shows a completely different story than the one painted by Jordanian media, Stars and Stripes reports.

The fathers of the killed Green Berets appeared Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to discuss what precisely happened on Nov. 4.

“They were simply murdered by an allied officer of the Jordanian Army,” Chuck Lewellen, father of Matthew, said.

According to the fathers, the FBI and Army investigations into the tragedy showed that as the convoy of four vehicles entered the base, the Jordanian guard M’aarek Abu Tayeh opened fire and immediately killed McEnroe, also mortally wounding Lewellen in the process.

Moriarty was in a vehicle behind and quickly jumped out, along with another Green Beret from a separate vehicle. The two attempted to communicate with Tayeh in Arabic to no avail, and the Jordanian soldiers nearby did nothing to help.

Tayeh rained bullets on the pair again, this time killing Moriarty. At that point, the fourth Green Beret appeared and gunned Tayeh down, though he did end up surviving.

While Jordanian media was quick to claim that the Green Berets charged the gate, investigations by the FBI and Army show those accounts to be patently false.

Jordan’s ambassador to the United States, Dina Kawar, has stated that joint Jordanian-American investigations did not find any suggestion of terror motives behind Tayeh’s actions. Rather, Kawar insisted that Tayeh thought the base was under assault after apparently hearing a gunshot.

“The incident was a tragic accident devoid of any terrorist or holistic motives or premeditated act towards the friendly U.S. side,” Kawar said.

And yet, the fathers of the Green Berets remain entirely unconvinced at these explanations.

First, there was supposed to a second guard with Tayeh, but that guard had conveniently left to use the restroom. A third soldier left to open the gate, leaving Tayeh alone.

Moreover, Jordanian soldiers in the vicinity did nothing to assist the Americans. What’s worse, these soldiers even fired warning shots at a U.S. truck that was entering behind the vehicles carrying the Green Berets. This truck was then unable to assist the Green Berets.

The fathers consider Tayeh a murderer.

“Over four months have passed since our boys were murdered. None of our families has heard any apology, condolences or explanation from the Jordanians other than these false narratives,” Brian McEnroe said.

James R. Moriarty said during the press conference that he wants the Trump administration to stop foreign aid to Jordan.

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